The lomg awaited arrival of A.C. Sanders's new book is a reality! Juxtaposed alongside the sculpture of the women's memorial at the Vietnam Wall, this book tells the Vietnam story in a unique way. Each piece represents a peek through the window of that experience in American History. Every emotion is brought to bear, the reader carried within the same emotional roller coaster as those who lived it. That includes as well the loved ones left back home. A.C. invites each of you to shoulder your own rucksack and journey back in time. At times you will belly laugh, at other times shock will take your breath away, and still others a tear or two might well up in the eyes or trickle down a cheek.

What some have said:

"I want 20 copies to give to vetrans I know. They need to read this."

"Sanders is a great writer who spins one stunning tale after another."

"This is a book that spans all conflicts in American history. Every American should read it."

"I laughed and cried and screamed out in anger, sometimes all at once."

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​Most of all, enjoy the trip!

AC Sanders III


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